Silicon-enhanced drinking water can prevent Alzheimer’s by flushing toxic aluminum out of your body

Daily consumption of silicon-rich mineral water can mitigate the risk of age-related neurological disorders caused by high levels of aluminum exposure. A study published in the journal Immunologic Research suggests that aluminum accumulation in the brain increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Researchers at Keele University finds that participants who drink a liter of silicon-enhanced mineral water every day exhibit significant declines in aluminum accumulation in their bodies, ranging between 50 to 70 percent following a 13-week period.

The researchers also find that daily consumption of silicon-based mineral water is associated with improved cognitive function among Alzheimer’s disease patients without known or observed side effects. Data from the Alzheimer Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive test reveals that the cognitive function in eight of the 15 tested Alzheimer’s disease patients did not deteriorate after 13 weeks after drinking silicon-based mineral water on a daily basis. In addition, three patients show significant improvements in cognitive functions during the same period. These results suggest that drinking silicon-based mineral water can be a non-invasive means to eliminate aluminum from the body. This may also be beneficial for people suffering various illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease, researchers add.

Lead researcher Professor Christopher Exley says further research is needed to assess the efficacy of silicon-rich mineral water in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, especially among those who are predisposed to the condition. “They are usually aged between 40 and 60. If we could get people to include silicon-rich water in their diet in the future and reduce their risk, it would be a great,” Exley states.

According to Exley, it is best to drink the mineral water over a short period, like an hour. The findings were published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

How it works

Silicon-rich mineral water is shown to expedite the body’s process in eliminating aluminum from the body through the kidneys and eventually via urine. According to the researchers, silicon-rich mineral water contains high levels of soluble silicon or salicylic acid. Soluble silicon readily follows water molecules through the intestinal walls and into the blood stream where they bond with aluminum.

The resulting hydroyaluminosilicate bond can be easily filtered by kidneys, which is then eliminated though urination. The findings further support claims that drinking silicon-rich mineral water on a daily basis help increase aluminum excretion, researchers said.

Expert refutes the recent study’s results, sample size

The recent study’s results do not seem to impress Dr. Eric Karran, Director of Research at Alzheimer’s Research UK. In his statement, Karran argues the study’s sample size is incredibly small and that significant improvements in cognitive function are seen in only a few participants. Karran also counters the study’s findings on the link between aluminum accumulation and Alzheimer’s disease onset. “Previous research has reported aluminium in the brain of some people with Alzheimer’s, but there is no firm evidence that exposure to aluminium could cause the disease,” Karran added.

Following a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activities remain the best ways to reduce the odds of Alzheimer’s disease, according to Jessica Smith, Research Officer at the Alzheimer’s Society.


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