Heavy Metals News /heavymetalsnews Heavy Metals News - Heavy Metals Information Tue, 04 Apr 2017 18:22:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.3 Consuming silicon-rich water or foods can purge your body of up to 70% of the of aluminum in your bloodstream /heavymetalsnews/2017-04-04-consuming-silicon-rich-water-or-herbs-can-purge-your-body-of-up-to-70-the-of-aluminum-in-your-bloodstream.htmlv Tue, 04 Apr 2017 16:49:34 +0000 Every day, we are being bombarded with aluminum. Even though aluminum is known to be a toxic substance, it can be found in many of our everyday products, such as processed food, cookware, vaccines, medications, baby products, cosmetics, antiperspirants, sunscreens, cleaning products, tap water, and even in the air we breathe.

Aluminum is a toxic metal that accumulates in the body over time, especially in the brain. It has been linked to many diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic fatigue, autistic spectrum disorders, and other neurological or auto-immune diseases.

To protect your body and brain, drink silicon-rich water every day

Professor Christopher Exley, a scientist from Keele University in Staffordshire, U.K., has called the period from the early 20th century to now the “age of aluminum.” Today, aluminum is so abundant in our surrounding environment that it is practically impossible to avoid. Therefore, Dr. Exley has dedicated over two decades of his life to researching the effects of aluminum toxicity. During his research, he has come to the conclusion that drinking silicon-rich mineral water may be the solution to protect your body and brain from aluminum buildups and brain damage.

His data showed that drinking silicon-rich water (with 35 milligrams of silicon per liter) over a period of 12 weeks significantly improved cognitive functions in people with Alzheimer’s without any known or visible side effects. During the clinical trials, involving both healthy individuals and people with Alzheimer disease, Exley and his team found that drinking around one liter of silicon-rich mineral water every day can speed up the excretion of aluminum via the kidneys and urine by up to 70 percent. (RELATED: Find more information about how to keep your body toxin-free at Detox.news.)

Drinking silicon water is a non-invasive way to remove more aluminum from the body, something which benefits everyone, including vaccinated children and people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s. While the evidence of aluminum’s health damaging effects is apparent, this toxic substance is still allowed in everyday products that are slowly destroying our health.

As reported by Dr. Exley, everybody should start to drink silica water daily to protect themselves against aluminum toxicity and the many diseases it can cause. If you buy silica water, you should look for brands with a minimum concentration of 30 milligrams silica per liter (or 30 ppm) mentioned on the label. Good silicon-rich mineral water brands include ACILIS (also sold under the name Spritzer), Volvic, and Fiji. While silica-containing water can be difficult to find, there are many natural silica-rich foods that can also help reduce the aluminum load.

Foods naturally high in silica include:

  • Oats (595mg/100g)
  • Millet (500mg/100g)
  • Barley (233mg/100g)
  • Potatoes (200mg/100g)
  • Jerusalem artichoke (36mg/100g)
  • Red beets (21mg/100g)
  • Asparagus (18mg/100g)
  • Bananas (13.60mg/250g)
  • Cooked green beans (6.10 mg/250g)
  • Raw carrots (4.58mg/200g)
  • Brown rice (4.14mg/200g)

Number of aluminum-containing vaccines is on the rise

Next to being abundantly found in our food chain, aluminum is an ingredient in nearly all vaccines. Dr. Exley explained that this makes things even worse. When aluminum is injected straight into the bloodstream, it bypasses the normal elimination or excretion channels, and goes straight to the brain or heart.

Many pro-vaccine or pro-aluminum trolls claim that aluminum is the most common mineral on the planet and therefore harmless. Emerging scientific results, however, do not agree with their vision. Furthermore, Dr. Exley added that the mining and usage of aluminum correlates with the increase in neurological diseases.

A key aspect of Dr. Exley’s research is to help protect our children from neurological vaccine damage. In the past, he has used a form of silica known as silicic acid to treat kids with an autism spectrum disorder or other neurological damage from vaccines with excellent results.







Children across California found to have higher lead poisoning than those in Flint, Michigan /heavymetalsnews/2017-04-02-children-in-california-lead-poisoning-flint-michigan.htmlv Mon, 03 Apr 2017 04:07:13 +0000 If you thought the Flint, MI lead poisoning was bad, it turns out that numerous communities in California are even worse. Blood testing data gathered by Reuters has revealed that children from one Fresno community had blood lead levels up to three times higher than those seen in children from Flint.

Even though California is known for their staunch environmental advocacy, it appears that the Golden State is not immune to the hazards of lead. High rates of childhood lead poisoning have been observed in a number of Bay Area communities, along with downtown Los Angeles. In one area of Fresno, 13.6 percent of blood samples collected from children under the age of six revealed high levels of lead — compared to just 5 percent across the city of Flint, MI during the water contamination crisis.

Altogether, 29 Californian communities were found to have childhood lead poisoning rates that were at least as high as Flint’s.

California Assemblymember Bill Quirk, who chairs the state legislature’s Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials stated,“It’s a widespread problem and we have to get a better idea of where the sources of exposure are.”

As Reuters explains, other states provided the media outlet with testing results from all zip codes or census tracts. California, however, withheld data from areas where there were fewer than 250 children screened, stating that data from those areas would be “less reliable.” The available data included 400,000 children from 546 zip codes, which Reuters notes likely omits many neighborhoods where lead poisoning is still a serious issue, but not enough children were screened.  Unsurprisingly, California’s Public Health Department claims that comparisons of their blood testing results to other states “aren’t warranted,” because the state tests children that they deem “at risk” of lead exposure. In areas affected by high levels of lead poisoning, government officials are at least taking action. Cities like Oakland and Emeryville have proposed ordinances and resolutions to help combat exposure to lead.

Lead exposure strikes the nation

Flint, Michigan made headlines when it was revealed that the municipal water supply had been poisoning the townspeople with lead. Childhood lead poisoning rates reached 5 percent in the area, and hearts went out to the community. But Flint is sadly not alone in their lead poisoning crisis, and the communities of California are not the only ones keeping it company. In fact, the Flint crisis is downright mild compared to the levels of lead some other communities have been afflicted with. Countless cities and towns across the United States are riddled with the toxic heavy metal: It’s in the soil, the water and many homes.

In 2016, Reuters discovered that there were some 3,000 communities in the US with childhood lead poisoning rates that were at least double that of what was seen in Flint. And over 1,000 of these communities exhibited elevated blood lead levels that were four times higher than those seen in Flint. For example, in Warren, Pennsylvania, a staggering 36 percent of the children tested had high blood lead levels. And in some areas of Baltimore, Cleveland and Philadelphia, the rate of high lead content in blood samples has reached between 40 and 50 percent within the last decade. (RELATED: Follow more news on heavy metals poisoning and contamination at METALS.news.)

The dangers of lead

Lead poisoning is a national problem. In children under the age of 6, the threshold for elevated blood lead levels is just 5 micrograms per liter. Because there is no safe level of exposure, even this seemingly small amount is enough to be damaging, especially to children.

Lead was once commonly used in fuel, household paint and plumbing materials, and is still often found in older buildings. Lead is a known neurotoxin, and children are especially susceptible to its effects. It can cause irreparable damage to almost all organ systems in the human body, but is most known for its ability to disrupt cognitive development and cause learning disabilities. The neurological effects of lead are generally the most immediate, but this does not mean that other ill effects cannot occur, even later in life. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease, childhood lead poisoning can contribute to other health issues later in life such as kidney issues, hypertension, reproductive difficulties and it can also affect the health of future offspring. So not only can lead poisoning harm children, it can set the stage for your children’s children to have health issues.






BULLETPROOF BRAIN: Health Ranger lecture reveals secrets of protecting your brain from aluminum and mercury in mandatory vaccines /heavymetalsnews/2017-03-30-bulletproof-brain-health-ranger-lecture-reveals-secrets-protect-your-brain-from-aluminum-and-mercury-in-mandatory-vaccines.htmlv Thu, 30 Mar 2017 17:36:04 +0000 The medical tyranny of the State is completely out of control, and we have now reached the point where the corrupt vaccine industry has successfully turned government goons into medical rapists who violate the bodies of children and adults with government-mandated injections of toxic heavy metals, aborted fetal tissue, foreign DNA from diseased animals and much more (all those really are ingredients used in vaccines today).

Now, in a medical science public education breakthrough, technology exists to eliminate mercury and aluminum from your body using natural, low-cost substances. Once ingested, these substances follow the laws of physics, chemistry and physiology to rapidly eliminate toxic metals from your body, saving your brain from vaccine damage.

Today, I’m releasing a 45-minute lecture and slide show that reveals exactly what these substances are. I do not sell these substances, by the way, but you can readily find them at health food stores and sometimes even growing wild near streams. As a research scientist with two U.S. government issued patents on the removal of toxic elements from the human body, I am uniquely qualified to understand and explain this technology to help save lives (and brains) from the toxic effects of vaccines. See my U.S. patent on Cesium Eliminator at this link, and see my patent on Heavy Metals Defense at this link.

Watch my full lecture now at the Natural News Summits website (scroll down to see the video lecture).

This amazing herb combines with aluminum in your blood to allow your kidneys to filter aluminum out of your body

One of these astonishing natural substances revealed in the video lecture is a wild growing herb — largely considered an “invasive weed” around the world — that unleashes a water-soluble molecule which binds with aluminum in your blood to form hydroxyaluminosilicates.

These hydroxyaluminosilicates are easily filtered out of your blood by your kidneys, allowing you to urinate out the excess aluminum, removing it from your blood and protecting your brain from all the risks of aluminum exposure, which include Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Learn exactly what this herb is (and where to get it) in my full, free lecture at Natural News Summits.

Targeted nutrients accelerate your body’s elimination of mercury

Mercury elimination can also be accelerated through the intake of targeted nutritional supplements that substantially enhance the body’s natural mercury elimination processes.

Some people are nutritionally depleted or genetically predisposed to poor mercury elimination. It is these people who tend to be more easily damaged by vaccines, suffering long-term neurological damage, seizures, comas or autism. The UK government, for example, recently paid out tens of millions of dollars in damage awards to a huge number of families whose children were brain damaged by the GlaxoSmithKline swine flu vaccine.

What’s especially empowering to realize is that you can pre-load your body with nutrients that speed the elimination of mercury removal even before you’re forced to take a vaccine shot at gunpoint. When tyrannical government goons demand that you either be injected with their toxic cocktail of poison or lose your job — or even lose your children to the state! — you are sometimes put in a position where you have to take the shot or risk destroying your livelihood. In those situations, there are at least things you can do to dramatically reduce your risk of being seriously harmed by vaccines. Although these strategies can’t reduce your risk to zero, they can offer significant protection from vaccine damage.

These nutrients are named in my bonus lecture video / slide show found right now at Natural News Summits (scroll down the page for the video).

While you’re there, don’t forget to register for the upcoming docu-series The Truth About Vaccines, produced by Ty Bollinger, which reveals the explosive truth about vaccine ingredients, health risks, ethical violations, fraudulent science and lots more.

I’m one of 60 people interviewed for the documentary series, and because I’ve been running an ISO-accredited science lab for more than three years, my own knowledge of vaccine composition, heavy metals contaminants and vaccine health risks.

Check it all out right now at Natural News Summits. Scroll down to watch the bonus conference video near the bottom of the page.


Alarming levels of lead and cadmium found in Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s, and other chocolates /heavymetalsnews/2017-03-29-lead-and-cadmium-found-in-trader-joes-hersheys-and-other-chocolates.htmlv Wed, 29 Mar 2017 14:29:35 +0000 Is there anything that could be better than chocolate? Perhaps chocolate that doesn’t contain heavy metals might be a good start. A recent report from the California-based consumer watchdog organization As You Sow has revealed that many beloved chocolate brands are producing products that contain alarming concentrations of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

The 2016 report by As You Sow examined 50 different popular chocolates and found that many of them contain amounts of lead and cadmium that exceed the amounts that the state of California deems safe. Some chocolate brands contained as much as nine times the level of lead the Golden State considers to be safe to reproductive health. Others contained amounts of cadmium that were equivalent to seven times the maximum daily exposure limit.

Multiple samples from the 50 different chocolate candies were sent to an independent lab for analysis. The organization refrained from disclosing the exact amounts of lead and cadmium found in the chocolates, in hopes that they can work with the chocolate manufacturers to reduce the amounts of the metals found in their products and pinpoint the source of the toxins.

Danielle Fugere, the President of As You Sow, stated in their report, “Lead and cadmium accumulate in the body, so avoiding exposure is important, especially for children.”

“Our goal is to work with chocolate manufacturers to find ways to avoid these metals in their products,” she added.

In their report, As You Sow states that they filed legal notices against all of the chocolate companies involved for their failure to warn consumers of the lead and cadmium content in their products. The list of those manufacturers includes Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s, Green and Black’s, Kroger, Godiva, See’s Candies, Mars, Theo Chocolate, Equal Exchange, Ghirardelli, Lindt, Earth Circle Organics, and several others.

The dangers of metals like lead and cadmium are well-documented, and as the As You Sow report notes, the Flint, MI water contamination scandal has reawakened concerns about lead and other metals in our environment.

Dangers of lead and cadmium

Like mercury, lead is among the most well-known heavy metals; most people are aware that lead is bad, but many don’t realize how much contact they may be having with this toxin, nor do they realize how bad it really is. [RELATED: Learn more about toxic substances at Toxins.news.]

First and foremost, there is currently no amount of lead that’s been determined to be safe. As the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) explains, while small amounts of lead can be found in the Earth’s crust, most of the lead in our environment has made its way there thanks to human activity.

According the ATSDR, almost every organ system in the human body is negatively effected by lead exposure, but the main target of lead toxicity is the neurological system. Both children and adults can exhibit decreased performance in tests of the nervous system after long-term exposure to the metal, indicating that age will not protect you from the hazards of lead. Furthermore, the ATSDR notes that route of exposure does not effect lead’s toxicity; regardless of whether the metal is in the food you eat or the air you breathe, it will still be capable of grievous harm. Lead exposure can lead to brain and kidney damage, and can cause miscarriages in pregnant women. Lead is considered to be a “probable human carcinogen” by the EPA, while the USDA considers it “reasonably anticipated” to be carcinogen.

Cadmium is no better. Breathing in cadmium is known to cause lung damage, while consuming food or beverages laced with the metal has been associated with stomach irritation and diarrhea. Long-term, consuming cadmium is associated with a build-up of the metal in the kidneys and possible renal disease. Lung damage and fragile bones are other possible long-term effects of exposure to cadmium. Children in particular may be more susceptible to cadmium absorption, and may be more likely to experience bone loss and fragility due to exposure. Cadmium is also considered to be a known human carcinogen.

Should chocolate makers be compelled to put warning labels on their products if they contain these toxic metals — and should that warning extend beyond the state of California? At the very least, we should know what is in the food we purchase, especially if it’s toxic.


AsYouSow.org [PDF]




Hudson River polluted by 100,000 gallons of raw sewage, baby wipes float down the river /heavymetalsnews/2017-03-28-hudson-polluted-by-100000-gallons-of-raw-sewage-baby-wipes-seen-floating-down-river.htmlv Wed, 29 Mar 2017 04:26:26 +0000 The Hudson River is primarily located in the state of New York, where it stretches for hundreds of miles before breaking off into New Jersey. Industrial pollution, and the dumping of sewage and other wastes, has been a chronic problem for the river. Despite state and local governments’ attempts at keeping the water clean, it seems that the waterway is without respite. Like many other bodies of water in the world, pollution is a serious issue.

Recently, New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) revealed that thousands of gallons of raw, untreated sewage mysteriously spilled into the Hudson. The flow of wastewater is thought to have begun at around 4:00p.m. on Sunday, March 19. According to the DEC, the untreated sewage gushed into the river for an entire hour, and officials believe that some 100,000 gallons of wastewater was released into the waterway. The spill took place near the state’s capital city, Albany.

Snow causes sewage spill?

What could cause such a thing? The DEC has attributed the spill to a “snow melt event,” meaning that melting snow was too much for the local sewer systems to handle. This led to an estimated 75 minutes of untreated sewage flowing into the Hudson.

The sewage system in Albany that caused the spill is one of 76 “combined sewer systems” in the state of New York. As Time Out explains, “Those systems are generally associated with older municipalities, and are set up to have water from storm drains pour into the sewer system. When there is simply too much water in the system, the excess sewage pours into the adjacent waterway.” It appears in this case, the adjacent waterway is the Hudson River. “Combined sewer overflow” is what the entire phenomenon is called, but having a name for it doesn’t really make it any less disconcerting.

Many communities in the Hudson Valley obtain their drinking water from the river, though eating fish caught from the river is not recommended. The DEC reports that floating waste like baby wipes and other items have been seen making their way down the river, though that may not really be an unusual occurrence for one of the nation’s most polluted rivers.

The Hudson river has a history of pollution

In 2012, Environment New York conducted a survey of 1,900 rivers nationwide, and the Hudson was ranked as the 24th most polluted river in the United States. Environment New York is a citizen-based environmental advocacy group and their report, “Wasting Our Waterways: Industrial Toxic Pollution and the Unfulfilled Promise of the Clean Water Act,” investigated toxic discharges in waterways across the country.

Their report noted that the Finch Paper facility located in Glens Falls had released 1.4 million pounds of toxic waste into the Hudson in the year 2010. But that isn’t the only company to dump their leftovers into the waterway. For thirty years, General Electric dumped toxic polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, into the Hudson. Between 1947 and 1977, an estimated 1.3 million pounds of the toxic compounds were dumped into the river. GE did not begin to clean up the hazardous, toxic mess until 2009. According to the DEC, the level of PCBs and other contaminants in the water of the Hudson River, remains high enough to negatively affect the survival, growth and reproduction of the river’s inhabitants.

The DEC reports that it will take many more cleanups to deal with the PCBs and other existing contaminants, and notes that their efforts will not completely eliminate the problem. The agency also admits that research has revealed that there are many other contaminants being found in the river, such as antibiotics and hormones from drugs or personal care products.

The Hudson River has a history rife with contamination and pollution, and many of the toxic things poured into the waterway are sadly a lot worse than sewage.







Report: Toxic heavy metal debris found in vaccines /heavymetalsnews/2017-03-27-report-toxic-heavy-metal-debris-found-in-vaccines.htmlv Tue, 28 Mar 2017 04:06:30 +0000 The dangers of vaccines are real, yet most Americans refuse to believe this distressing fact. While the pharmaceutical industry, medical experts, and the government keep reassuring us that the shots are safe, real life cases and science are telling a different tale. Unfortunately, there has been widespread fraud in the safety reports of vaccines that favor industry. While some vaccine victims are scarred for life, others do not even live to tell their story.

Writing for EcoWatch, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a resolute defender of the environment and anti-vaxxer, reported on a new landmark study that found metal debris and biological contamination in every human vaccine tested. Since the very compelling and disturbing truth was brought to light, the study should have a direct impact on public health policies and vaccine industry procedures, according to Kennedy.

Dr. Antonietta Gatti, who led the study, told EcoWatch in an interview that their interest in vaccine contaminants started by accident about 15 years ago when they were asked to analyze samples of an anti-allergy vaccine that was causing painful swellings around the injection site and persistent red weals.

When they examined weal and vaccine samples, they found solid particles that should not have been there. The researchers were shocked by the impurities they found.

“We had never questioned the purity of vaccines before. In fact, for us the problem did not even exist. All injectable solutions had to be perfectly pure, and that was an act of faith on which it seemed impossible to have doubt. For that reason, we repeated our analyses several times to be certain. In the end, we accepted the evidence,” said Dr. Gatti.

This finding prompted the researchers to further investigate whether the debris problem was a one-case scenario or if more vaccines were affected. For their new study, published in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, Dr. Gatti and her team examined 44 samples of 33 different vaccines. Using highly sensitive technology — an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with an x-ray microprobe — the researchers scanned the samples for solid contaminants.

The hidden truth that’s never mentioned on safety labels

Next to toxic levels of brain-damaging aluminum salts, the researchers also found red blood cells of unknown origin and foreign, inorganic debris in aggregates, clusters, or free particles in every single human vaccine sample they tested.

Further investigation revealed that the debris was composed of lead, stainless steel, chromium, tungsten, nickel, iron, zirconium, hafnium, strontium, antimony and other metals. Only one sample – an animal vaccine – came back clean.

As noted by the authors of the study, these contaminants were not declared by the manufacturers on the label and should not be found in any vaccine. In one vaccine, GSK’s Fluarix vaccine for children above three years, the scientists found 11 metals, and aggregates of metals, that have previously been associated with cases of leukemia. (RELATED: Learn more about the damaging effects of heavy metals at HeavyMetals.news.)

Despite the bare facts, several public authorities continue to ignore the harmful effects these vaccines are having on the developing brains of our children. It is time to open our eyes and fight these horrible practices. If you have been following the news, then you can not deny that vaccine damage and deaths are real.

What’s even worse, no matter how many times these companies are sued for vaccine injuries or found guilty in negligence cases that have ruined people’s lives, they are still in business today. Watch the video below to learn more about the “Vaccine Holocaust” and how doctors, scientists, citizens, and authorities are allowing the destruction of millions of lives.





World rapidly running out of rare minerals needed to manufacture cell phones and mobile devices /heavymetalsnews/2017-03-27-world-rapidly-running-out-of-rare-minerals-needed-to-manufacture-cell-phones-and-mobile-devices.htmlv Mon, 27 Mar 2017 15:52:13 +0000 Scientists warn that the minerals needed for technologies such as cell phones and mobile devices may run out in the next few decades. A new study gathered experts from various government, industrial, and academic groups across five continents who suggested that unless there exists a universal sharing of geoscience data, we will soon face challenges in technology mineral supply. There is a high potential for manufacturers and suppliers of electronic gadgets to run out of the materials they need to maintain their business.

In theory, there are enough global reserves to meet the world demand until 2050. Researchers share their doubts, however, suggesting that the rapid growth of technology has pushed the global demand for minerals to dangerous levels. Consumers need to realize that there are few alternatives available for minerals required for electronics. Additionally, these minerals are often difficult to recycle.

Advancing technologies and improved healthcare have allowed for people to live longer. The world demand for minerals has increased to support the number of people on this planet. In particular, due to the growing technological advancements, minerals that are the main ingredients for certain technologies such as solar panels, copper wiring, laptops, mobile devices, and electric cars, have become very popular.  Already, geophysicists are evaluating the mineral supply and demand, accessing its capabilities in the 21st century.

Analysts determine three factors affecting the economic outlook:

  • Determined use of the mineral (that is, industries that are reliant on these reserves);
  • Percentage of the population who consume these commodities;
  • How much of these minerals each person uses.

Technology Materials: Unstable Resource

Gold and diamonds are the two biggest precious commodities that are being mined. These resources are usually sold the way oil and gas are. That is, there are global channels that are utilized.

In contrast, commodity metals like iron ore and copper – which are used in electronics – are typically sold through individual deals. There are nuances involved which trigger price fluctuations. Investors often have to gauge the market several times in a day to determine profitability. Companies have to deal with various challenges and often stop mining due to a lack of economic viability. Those that do pursue their track are forced to increase their prices in order to maintain relevance.

Reports say it takes around 10 to 15 years for a mineral exploration to yield minable deposits. Furthermore, it is estimated that early exploration efforts yield only 10 percent of viable commodities. Businesses need to be patient, but even then, the ratio between usable excavation and the time spent looking for these minerals is troubling. Couple this with the fact that the last major copper discovery was found in Mongolia 15 years ago and was only able to produce limited amounts of the mineral in late 2016.

The 2016 USGS report on mineral commodity is another noteworthy survey to consider. Over the last four years, total mine production has lessened. The difference in amounts initially appear to be negligible but the current trend suggests that fewer minerals are being mined while the demand is steadily increasing.

There is also the additional factor of geopolitics. “Countries where minerals are likely to be found may have poor governance, making it higher risk for supply. But production from these countries will be needed to meet global demand. We need to be thinking about this,” says Saleem Ali, the study’s lead author.

The Domino Effect

Leaders must recognize the high risk of an economic collapse should the world mineral demand not be met. Global challenges can be seen. Not only can this lead to dramatic price increases but can affect energy production as well. Alternative energy sources, like solar power for example, are still dependent on mineral resources for their infrastructure.

The researchers offer two solutions. The first is that their results would empower nations to plan for mineral scarcity by collaborating with organizations focused on sustainability. Secondly, that this would lead to improved transparency among nations and develop a global sharing system of mineral data.

Follow more news about the collapse of global resources at Collapse.news.





Dental dangers – How to protect your health /heavymetalsnews/2017-03-22-dental-dangers-how-to-protect-your-health.htmlv Thu, 23 Mar 2017 03:54:19 +0000 Over 150 million people in the United States currently have dental amalgam fillings (loaded with mercury) in their mouth – which are toxic to the body. At the same time, the occurrence of chronic degenerative diseases has never been higher, with the Centers for Disease Control estimating that over 117 million Americans suffer from one or more chronic health conditions. Could the two statistics be connected?

According to natural health experts and holistic dentists, the answer is a resounding yes.

Discover the hidden truth about mercury-based, silver fillings and how to reverse the physical damage. On the next NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Leo Cashman, director of Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, explore the role of dental amalgams and root canal-treated teeth in causing chronic disease. We’ll also talk about how to remove heavy metals (safely) from the mouth, a warning about detoxification, plus much more!

To hear this FREE show – visit http://www.naturalhealth365.com/free-shows and enter your email address for show details plus some great gifts!

Censored news: Dental amalgam fillings strongly linked to chronic sickness

Over 20 percent of the U.S. population has dangerously high levels of mercury in their bodies. Although contaminated fish and emissions from factories contribute to exposure, mercury-based, ‘silver’ fillings are the main source. In fact, these so-called safe fillings have been found to exceed the EPA’s guidelines, presenting a clear threat to human health. (Yet, the Food and Drug Administration does nothing to stop this practice.)

Experts say that mercury interferes with basic cellular processes, inhibits the absorption of minerals, and causes an imbalance of neurotransmitters within the brain. The result is a laundry list of physical and emotional problems that range from minor issues to life-threatening diseases.

According to Leo Cashman, the harmful effects of mercury have been deliberately concealed (censored) by the dentistry establishment – specifically, the American Dental Association (ADA). Cashman maintains that the ADA uses its money, power and prestige to downplay the hazards of mercury dental amalgams – to protect their own interests over public safety.

This is a serious health alert. Don’t miss the next NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour and get a clear understanding about how to clean up your mouth and improve your health.

To hear this FREE show – visit http://www.naturalhealth365.com/free-shows and enter your email address for show details plus some great gifts!

There’s no doubt: Chronic disease has its roots in the mouth

Over 4,000 scientific studies have documented the ways in which mercury causes over 30 chronic health conditions. A National Institutes of Health epidemiological study shows that certain diseases are linked with having a more than an average number of dental amalgams.

Simply put, you must clean up your mouth if you suffer from chronic diseases such as, arthritis, diabetes, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, lupus, hypothyroidism, allergies and chronic fatigue syndrome. Mercury exposure is also linked with neurological conditions and mood disorders like confusion, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, vertigo, migraines, epilepsy, ADD, and learning disabilities. And, let’s not forget problems like eczema, asthma and psoriasis, cardiovascular problems and cancer – all connected to toxicity in the mouth.

In addition to mercury fillings, other toxic results of conventional dentistry can contribute to disease. Root canal treated teeth are dead teeth that become toxic over time and generate lots of unwanted bacteria. While cavitations — chronically infected tooth extraction of root canal treated sites — also can trigger conditions such as multiple sclerosis, heart disease, fibromyalgia and depression.

Recovery is possible with proper detoxification procedures

Now for the good news: Cashman reports that there are over 60,000 documented clinical cases of recovery, or significant improvement, occurring after the removal of mercury fillings.

The first step in the recovery process is getting properly tested for mercury exposure and toxicity. Following this, the mercury-based fillings are usually removed — but this procedure should be performed only by a qualified holistic dentist who follows the “Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique” (SMART) for mercury-based fillings.

And remember – if your dentist minimizes your mercury concerns, it’s time to find another dentist.

Join us for more tips and techniques on safe mercury detoxification, and to learn what you can do at the local, state and national levels to prevent mercury toxicity, plus reduce your risk of infections or chronic disease symptoms.

This week’s guest: Leo Cashman, executive director of Dental Amalgams Mercury Solutions

Discover the best ways to clean up your mouth and avoid disease symptoms – Sun. Mar. 26

Leo Cashman has served as the executive director of DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, since 2000. DAMS is a non-profit organization that educates the public about the hazards of dental amalgam mercury fillings, as well as other ways in which conventional dentistry negatively affects health.

Cashman, who holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s degree in mathematics, is a nationally-recognized expert on dental health and mercury toxicity, and has worked continuously on dental health issues for the past 20 years.

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Those who push mercury in vaccines are despicable, evil people who destroy the lives of children while pocketing money from Big Pharma /heavymetalsnews/2017-03-22-those-who-push-mercury-in-vaccines-are-despicable-evil-people-who-destroy-the-lives-of-children-while-pocketing-money-from-big-pharma.htmlv Wed, 22 Mar 2017 15:53:53 +0000 There’s a major controversy brewing over the continued use of a known neurotoxin, mercury, in childhood vaccines. This deadly chemical doesn’t even need to be there, and is only harmful, providing absolutely no benefits when it comes to procuring immunity. And yet, mercury is still being added in the form of thimerosal to influenza vaccines, and many other vaccines routinely administered to children. Why?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists mercury as a highly toxic heavy metal element that can damage the lungs, kidneys, and nervous system. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also admits that mercury is a neurotoxin, warning that the chemical can cause a person to have trouble seeing and staying coordinated. In children, mercury can damage cognition, memory, attention, language, and motor and spatial skills.

With all this in mind, it’s truly mind-boggling that anyone would argue in favor of keeping mercury in vaccines. This poison is being directly injected into the bloodstreams and muscle tissue of developing children, and at great cost. Why would anyone advocate for this, and more importantly, how is such a policy legal?

The short answer is that corruption is at play in a number of ways. Firstly, the government would have to admit that mercury is toxic before banning its use in vaccines — which is very unlikely to happen, considering that vaccines are part of a multi-billion dollar racket that would be severely damaged in the public eye if safety issues of this magnitude were let loose. Secondly, the vaccine industry would be forced to assume liability for vaccine damage from mercury, which it will fight forever to avoid, if possible.

Do the powers that be want to harm children for profit?

Thirdly, and perhaps more importantly, is the mainstream media’s complicit protection of the vaccine industry and its continued use of mercury in vaccines. Between the government, major news outlets, and the vaccine industry itself, there are a lot of profits in danger of the truth about mercury. And if you look at history, there is also an agenda at stake, and one that seems to involve the intentional poisoning of the populace for nefarious purposes.

“When it comes to vaccines and pharmaceuticals, they are all whores,” says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about the lying, “fake news” media outlets that cover up the truth about vaccine dangers, and the continued use of mercury in vaccines.

“They’re nothing but industry prostitutes. They even know it. They know it, and they go home every day, every night, with shame because they know that they are part of a media disinformation machine that has supported the medical murder of children for decades, and continues to cover up this mass poisoning — this medical molestation of children — that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Robert DeNiro are trying to halt.”

Adams is speaking here about the $100,000 vaccine safety challenge issued by Kennedy and DeNiro as part of the World Mercury Project, which seeks to use a large financial incentive as a means by which to expose the evils of the vaccine industry and its use of mercury in vaccines. The goal is to protect children by any means possible, and only the most evil of people would oppose such an initiative.

“Any good person would be opposed to mercury in vaccines,” Adams adds. “Any decent human being would speak out and say, ‘We should stop poisoning our children. Why are we injecting children with a known heavy metal neurotoxin?’ It makes no sense. It should be criminal to do that. I mean, it’s criminal to physically abuse a child. Why is it legal to chemically abuse a child?”

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School to silence teacher who dared to question vaccines in the classroom /heavymetalsnews/2017-03-21-school-to-silence-teacher-who-dared-to-question-vaccines-in-the-classroom.htmlv Wed, 22 Mar 2017 04:33:25 +0000 Institutions of education are supposed to be safe places where individuals are free to learn, and where instructors are free to teach – even on subjects that some might consider to be “controversial.” But at Grand Erie High School in Waterford, Canada, teachers are apparently only allowed to teach what the government says they can teach, even when doing so puts students’ lives at risk.

Timothy Sullivan, a teacher at Grand Erie, learned this the hard way recently after he was found guilty of “misconduct” for trying to educate his students about the dangers of vaccines. Pointing out what’s publicly available in manufacturer-issued vaccine package inserts, Sullivan warned his students not to believe everything they hear on television or from public health officials about vaccine safety, and for this he is now paying the price.

Reports indicate that Sullivan was forced to face a disciplinary hearing for telling his students the truth, and could ultimately face the suspension of his teaching role – all for merely doing his job as a professional educator. Since the nurses at his school who were administering vaccines during a recent vaccine clinic were failing to explain to students that there are, indeed, risks involved with vaccination, Sullivan stepped in and warned them himself.

Doing this led to major backlash at the government facility, where he was falsely accused of “threatening” students and “shouting” at them. What Sullivan apparently did was simply go near the line of students waiting to be jabbed in the school’s cafeteria and remind them about the side effects listed in the package inserts for the vaccines that they were about to receive.

“I work in a school where I’m responsible for young people,” Sullivan explained during testimony at his hearing, for which he represented himself. “What was taking place 10 steps from my door was assault and battery,” he added about the vaccine clinic, noting that he didn’t actually tell his students not to get vaccinated, but rather to consider the facts that they weren’t receiving from the nurses who were administering them. “I had an obligation to go do something about it.”

School administrators who lie to students about vaccine safety are promoters of chemical violence against children

The nurses who were putting on the vaccine clinic – none of whom were properly doing their jobs by explaining to students the risks of vaccines – claim that Sullivan’s comments about vaccines made them “uncomfortable.” This is rather ironic, considering the nurses weren’t at all concerned that possible side effects of the vaccines they were administering could make students physically uncomfortable – or possibly even kill them.

Sullivan, in his own defense, argued before the panel that his students have a right to know that the substances being injected into their bodies could injure or kill them. This information should have been made available to students as part of the vaccine clinic, and yet it wasn’t, suggesting that the school itself was, indeed, engaged in chemical child abuse.

And yet the panel ultimately took the school’s side in condemning Sullivan for his actions, declaring them to be inappropriate. He was eventually declared guilty of professional misconduct by the Ontario College of Teachers, and must now enroll in and complete a series of courses on professional boundaries, professional ethics – and get this – “anger management.”

“I felt it was my role to make students aware of possible side effects,” Sullivan stated before the panel. “I’m negligent if I don’t point out different side effects of products. I’m responsible for every student in the school. It was actually one of the most professional things I did, making students aware of the side effects.”

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