The under-recognized epidemic: Millions of people are suffering from mercury poisoning

Much of the anxiety, depression, and mental illness that plague people today can be traced back to the biochemical changes that take place after repeated exposure to toxic elements such as mercury (Hg).

Mercury is one of the most potent neurotoxins, yet it is routinely used in medicine. Millions of people are suffering from mercury poisoning because dentists still insert mercury-based dental amalgams in people’s teeth. Over time this mercury leeches into the mouth and into the blood stream. On average, a person will absorb 100 mg  of mercury daily if they have just one dental amalgam. During an operation, mercury is also inhaled.

Mercury negatively affects neurotransmitters, blocks therapeutic effect of antioxidants and minerals

Once inside the body, mercury readily binds to molecules, tissues, and cells, disrupting cellular cycles, causing oxidative stress, mitochondria dysfunction, and harming homeostasis. Exposure to mercury incites behavioral issues, neurological disorders, mood disorders, and mental illness. This is because mercury hinders the production and function of various neurotransmitters. One of the neurotransmitters affected is GABA, a crucial pathway for keeping a person calm and steady. Mercury causes anxiety because it interferes with GABA, causes zinc imbalance, and destroys the protective myelin sheath that blankets the nerves.

Mercury not only causes oxidative stress, but it also binds to sulfur and selenium, blocking the therapeutic effect of these minerals. Selenium and sulfur help the immune system identify unwanted cells. By competing with these crucial minerals, mercury allows cancerous cells to survive in the body. If mercury is bound to these important elements, the body’s immune system may turn on itself, causing autoimmune conditions. Mercury also binds to the body’s master antioxidant–glutathione. If glutathione cannot do its job effectively, then any toxic substances that enter the body can rapidly damage nerve and immune cells. (Related: Modern dentistry dangers exposed by a dentist.)

Mercury exposure and the hypocrisy of mainstream dentistry and vaccine science

One of the main problems with the coal industry is mercury emissions. Coal-fired power plants emit toxic mercury into the air, where it rain downs and poisons the water. Over time, mercury accumulates in seafood. The FDA cautions against overconsumption of tuna and other seafood products for this reason. The gastrointestinal system of the human body helps eliminate and dispose of toxic mercury. Certain foods bind with mercury to efficiently eliminate it from the body. Foods such as peanut butter, strawberries, and chlorella are chelating. These foods help remove toxic elements, especially mercury, from the body.

Injected mercury, through vaccination, is a different story. This mercury, along with other neurotoxins found in vaccines, is inserted into the muscle tissue, into immune cells, and into the blood. This mercury bypasses the gastrointestinal system, contaminating the organs more rapidly.

Repeated inhalation and ingestion of mercury, through mercury-based dental amalgams also poses significant harm to people over the long haul. Chronic mercury exposure oxidizes blood vessels and disrupts insulin, leading to chronic high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess abdominal fat, and high levels of unhealthy LDL cholesterol.

If you have been a victim of mercury-based dental amalgams, consult a holistic dentist. Chronic exposure to mercury is not worth the risk and will strain many important functions of the human body. To restore any  damage inflicted by mercury, consider a diet full of high quality fats, organic olive oil, and bone broth. Consume foods high in selenium, magnesium, and zinc to restore the balance of these elements in the body. Help the body chelate mercury by consuming foods such as strawberries, hemp protein, cilantro, chlorella, raspberries, and other fruit fibers.

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